Wednesday, January 26, 2011


I spent the weekend going through my embroidery disks. When I bought my Designer sewing machine I got a whole lot of embroidery designs with it. I had never done machineembr-disc embroidery before that time and didn't know how. So I read all I could find on the net and copied lots of information on what to do, stabilizer and hooping.  Since then, it is about 6 years, I have not done any of the many embroideries I have and maybe I was a little afraid of trying it out. Anyway I have been seeing people making beautiful labels for their quilts on the embroidery machine so I decided it was about time I tried it out. So know I have the customizing program in my computer, that took a couple of hours just to get that up and running, it is old and has a dongle that had to be coached in working, and I even tried sewing a few designs and it wasn't that hard at all. From now on I am making my labels embroidered and maybe I will even do some more blocks.

I also worked on my butterfly quilt. It just needs a border and I can't decide on the fabric. I am going to put some buttons on the prairie points. It took a long time to decide what to do in between the butterflies but I think it came out great.


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