Sunday, January 16, 2011



Hurray for me, I finished my RRCB mystery quilt top. I already bought the backing fabric because I don´t want to piece the back as the quilt is really heavy. I bought a fatback on this website,  they have a lot of cool wide backing fabrics for a good prize.


I have been working on doing all the swaps I am participating in so they are ready to send out.

On the family side my oldest came home this weekend with lots of dirty clothes of course, lol. They are ready for him for Monday when he has to drive up to Gainesville again. It has been a little strange to be 3 at home now and I think it will be even stranger when my DH goes on his next work trip and we will be 2 at home.


sandiqltr said...

This is Beautiful!! and I love your Dutch Treat top also. Thanks for the link for the Fat Backs.

Jeanne said...

Wonderful work! Your quilt is gorgeous.