Tuesday, January 04, 2011

New year

UHUUUU it´s a new year.

We got the older son SOH safely to Gainesville UF this weekend. Oh I am going to miss having him around. AKH, my youngest will have to step in his older brothers shoes and help his mom holding up quilts and picking up needles and pins from the floor, lol. SOH´s quilt isn´t finished yet, just have to quilt it and bind and then he can have that to remind him of mom.
On another note I finished step 1 of clue 7 of the mystery quilt on Saturday. I am sad to have to cut down the strip blocks for step 2, they came out so beautiful, but that is next on the list to do. 

Part 7-1 of the RRCB mystery

The list of things to do is getting longer no matter how hard I work on everything on it. Why I wonder, maybe it´s because I am always putting new things on it, lol. I also sent 3 swap letters yesterday in the Scratchingpost  group, 1 weekly Joe and 2 birthday cupcakes. I am really excited to see my Joe´s when they begin to arrive. This group is a swap group from Sindy of Fat Cat Patterns. I also signed up for APP´s  next swap, I think I am addictive to swaps, they are so fun and it´s so cool to get a surprise in the mail, love it. 

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Quilter Kathy said...

Your blocks are beautiful! I like how each one looks a little different depending on the fabrics!