Saturday, December 18, 2010

Crazy, that's me

Mug Rug for swap

OMG I must be crazy to get my self into that RRCB Mystery. We got clue 5 this morning and I nearly fainted. 600 half square triangles, size 2". Oh yes, that is what I have been up to today and still about 200 to go. It's a good thing I'm in my sewing mode these days. I was going to bake in between the sewing but decided to do some laundry instead, so now that is done. I have everything ready for the baking tomorrow when I finish the HST's. Yumm some cookies and some candy making and sewing, all of my favorite things. Oh and I took a picture of my Mug Rug swap things. I got this lovely mug rug from my swap partner and a cool mug to go with it all in the beautiful box. The one on the top of the post is the Mug Rug I sent her.

Mug Rug from my swap partner


Vickie E said...

cute mug rug!

The quilting Cat Lady (Kattarkonan) said...

Thanks. I so like doing these, they are quick and you can use scraps