Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Limping quilter

Well I am still limping, been doing that for the last 10 days now, but that isn´t keeping me from sewing, o no sir-ie. Trying to sew a little then off to lift the feet of the floor a little, cooking a little, feet of the floor, cleaning the cats pooping box not a little mind you, feet of the floor and then of to sewing a little more, repeating. These are the times of my day, hopefully not the rest of my life. I managed to finish the blocks I was hand piecing and about time to, been at it since last year. Now I just have to hand piece them together, sandwich the top and hand quilt of course and then it´s done. Probably not until next year since that isn´t so far away now and i have loads of other things to do until Christmas. And then there is the knees, ohhh dear what to do about them. I got a shot in the right one when I went to the doctors yesterday, but I am still in pain so I am not sure what he shot into my knee, maybe it was just water?


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